How do I change my seat on Iberia?

If a passenger does not want a random seat on their flight at Iberia Airline and requires to change the seat before departure, they can request the airline for a preferable seat by paying the waiver charge. What process is needed to change my seat on Iberia? Then there are a few methods available for the passengers. You may use the online modes or contact an executive of Iberia for assistance. 

Methods of Change Seat At Iberia Airlines

If someone has a preference for seats on the flight and likes to fly to their destination with more comfort, then the seat selection method is an essential step for them before boarding. Passengers can undergo the below procedures and change their seats on Iberia flights according to their preference:

Booking Management

Passengers can manage their booking online and change their seats from the website. Manage my booking Iberia is a convenient option to choose a seat on the flight and know the charges for the seat. Below are instructions that should be followed after opening the website on your device:

  • Click on the Your Flights option on the homepage,
  • Under the booking section, click on "Manage My Booking,"
  • Log in using your flight details or registered email account,
  • Get the details of your booking on the screen,
  • Tap on the option of seat change,
  • Select a seat to book and check out the charges,
  • Make a payment for seat change charges, and you will get your desired seat on the Iberia Airlines flight.

Online Check-In

While checking for your flight online, you can change your seat at Iberia Airline. The online check-in starts 24 hours before the flight's departure, so a passenger can change seats within 24 hours anytime. Follow the process of check-in with seat change:

  • Open the Iberia Airline website,
  • Select Your Flights and then click on the "Check-In Online" option,
  • Enter the necessary details to check in, like our confirmation code & last name,
  • Now open the Seat Map by clicking on change seat option underneath your flight ticket,
  • Choose a preferable seat,
  • Proceed to book the seat by paying the waiver charges
  • With this, your seat will be confirmed on an Iberia Airlines flight.

Live Assistance

You can contact a person at Iberia Airline for assistance with seat change on your booked flight. You can contact customer service if you prefer something other than online methods and feel those methods are hard to follow. Assistance can be acquired on this contact number : 1800 772 4642. Make sure to keep your flight details on hand before calling, as it is the first thing the live person will require to change your seat. The person will check all the available seats for booking, and then you can choose a seat. The change seat confirmation email will be received on your device.

Due to the above methods, a passenger can learn how to get through the Iberia seat change process and get a preferable flight seat. Choosing a seat at Iberia is easy and provides more comfort during travel.