Can You Upgrade Seats on Ryanair?

Flight reservations are often stated as the costliest traveling options, and admittedly even the lowest flight fares are usually high enough to blow a noticeable hole in one's wallet. Thus, flyers generally have to choose an option with a favorable balance between the ticket's cost and the comfort while traveling.

Ryanair is one of the popular low-cost flying options operating in Europe, and those who are looking for an affordable option can use its services. However, there is an often recurring request to upgrade seats on Ryanair as the overall price for a better seat is still less than the regular seats on other airlines.

Does Ryanair have Separate Flight Classes?

  • The first point to be discussed is when someone speaks about a Ryanair seat upgrade, it's different from the other regular airlines.
  • Ryanair doesn't have different flight cabins for each flight class like the economy or business class.
  • Instead, the seats are within one cabin, with different types of seats. These may be the costlier seats at the front, which have more services and legroom, and so on.
  • Upgrading one's seat would refer to switching the current seat for any of the better seats one desires.

What is the Ryanair Seat Selection Policy?

Ryanair's usual flight booking process assigns a default seat to a passenger depending upon the type of class one is booking and the services requested by the commuter. However, one can change to a seat of their own choice by paying a fee along with the change in fare type charges.

How to Upgrade a Seat on Ryanair?

  • To upgrade a Ryanair seat, one can get on the Ryanair website and select the "My Booking" option.
  • If you have a Ryanair account, log in with your account credentials. One can also click on "Reservation number" to access their flight through the booking details.
  • Next, select "change your seats and choose" once the flight details appear on the screen, and click on "confirm."
  • Pay the charges as prompted by the browser, and an email sent to you will signify the successful changing of seats.

Change Seats via Mobile Application:

The Ryanair mobile application has a "Access your trip" option which can be used to get the details and itinerary of upcoming flights. One may choose to upgrade their flight seats on any of these flights and then confirm the changes by paying the upgrade charges. If you don't have the Ryanair mobile application, download it from the application store and sign in with your Ryanair account. One can create a new Ryanair account if they don't have one yet.

How to Contact Ryanair for Upgrade Help?

  • Suppose one cannot access the online upgrade option via both the website and mobile application. In this case, the next best option is to call Ryanair customer care to get the seats upgraded.
  • The contact details of the Ryanair customer care are available on the Ryanair Help center webpage. Dial the listed contact number to reach out to a voice representative.

One can also call Ryanair customer care to answer any of their queries regarding their Ryanair seat upgrade. The voice support agent can handle and answer all the questions and concerns and provide quick resolutions.