How Do I Change My Seat in Air India?

When you fly with Air India, be sure that you are in the most capable hands. Services like flight changes and other accommodations are readily available to all the passengers.

India has a rich history of treating its guests with the utmost respect and giving them the title of a god. Air India continues this tradition by accepting the passengers as the holy guests and attending to their needs with the utmost perfection. That being said, travelers who have made reservations with this golden airline can expect to get the Air India seat change provision in a few simple steps.

Steps to Change Seat

If seat change is the next item on your agenda list, these steps can help you. Air India gives you the luxury to change your seat after you have completed the booking. You have to make your way to the airline website and log in.

  • You will see the airline logo and the tag ‘A Star Alliance Member’ title on the homepage. You can find the airline log-in option to the right of this title. So, start by logging into your Air India account.
  • Once logged in, locate the ‘Manage Your Trips,’ click on it and choose the ‘Manage Your Booking.’ 
  • This will show you a list of all the past and current flights. To execute the ‘change my seat in Air India’ option, select the flight you wish to make changes to.
  • When you select the flight, the site will list all the details regarding it, along with the modification and service options. Select the ‘Change My Seat’ option.
  • Several prompts will direct you on how to make changes to your existing seat arrangement.

This feature is available once you have completed the booking procedure. Please note that you can not access the ‘My Bookings’ page to make changes to your flight before you complete the whole booking process. However, the option to select your flight is also available at the time of booking.

Can I Change My Seat After Online Check-In?

The Air India seat change is an option that can be executed even after checking in, online or otherwise. Sometimes passengers forget that they have an opportunity to get their preferred seat at the time of booking, and sometimes they don’t pay attention when they are booking. But even if all the requisites of the boarding are done, you can make changes to your booked seat. This is possible when you use the E-Check-In for the process.

Is it mandatory to reserve a seat?

Passengers who do not wish to make any fee payment for the reservation facility have the right to decline this service. The Air India seat change is available for those who wish to utilize it and under no circumstances forced upon a passenger. 

Passengers who decline the seat selection reservation will be allotted seats at the time of boarding at the boarding counter. You can ask the counter executive to assign you a preferred seat free of cost, provided the seat you wish to use is available. If you don’t make any request for a seat reservation, you will be automatically allotted one at the boarding gate randomly by the boarding counter executive.

Passengers who need more details on ‘How do I change my seat in Air India?’ can always contact the support service staff. These well-trained and experienced personnel are always ready to extend a helping hand.