How Do I Change My Seat on Southwest Airlines?

On Southwest Airlines, you need to ensure that you have selected the correct option on the website. Then you’ll be able to change seats shortly before you take the step to change the seat. Ensure that you have gone through the policies of the seat change. 

Suppose you made the booking through the official website of Southwest Airlines. Then you can make the changes by yourself. In case you made the booking through a third party. Then you would need to connect with them to make the seat change. 

Procedure to Make the Seat Change on the Southwest Airlines:

To make Southwest Airlines change seat, you can follow the step-by-step guide of Southwest Airlines. You’ll be able to choose the seat of your choice. However, you’ll be able to select only from those left-out seats. So, that makes it very important that you make the selection as soon as possible. 

Not only on the website, but you can even make the changes with the help of customer support. 

  • Access the Southwest Airlines website. 
  • Tap on the “Manage Booking” button. 
  • Write the “Booking Reference number” and the “Last name” of the customer. 
  • Select the option of “Search.” 
  • Soon, you’ll find the reservation you have made. 
  • Now you would need to open the booking and select the option of “Change Seat.” 
  • That is it. Now you’ll come across the list of available seats for you. You can choose any seat of your choice. 

Save the changes you have made. Once you have saved the changes, you’re going to receive a confirmation email on your registered email address. 

What are the Seat Change Policies of Southwest Airlines?

  • Suppose you have made the changes to your seat within twenty-four hours of booking. Then you’re not going to be charged with the seat change fee. 
  • In case you made the reservation with the help of a third party. Then you would need to get in touch with them for a seat change. 
  • You cannot change your seat if you have done the check-in. You need to make sure that you have made the changes to your seat before you make the check-in. 
  • In case of emergency, you can speak to the Southwest counter at the airport regarding the seat change.
  • The list of seats from which you can choose the seat of your choice depends on the chairs available for you. 

Once you have followed the seat change policies and the procedure above, you’ll be able to make the changes to your seat without any extra charges being added to your ticket. 

How Can I Connect With Customer Support for Seat Change? 

To connect with customer support regarding the seat change, you need to choose the medium you want to communicate with them. You can call them or email your query to their official email address. 

  • Call upon the official number - You can dial the authorized number of Southwest Airlines. Then you’ll be able to connect with customer support by choosing the option of “Manage Booking.” Once you’re in touch with the customer support agent, he’ll make the relevant changes for you. 
  • Email your query - You can even email your query to the official email address. 

So, if you have a question, “How can I change my seat on Southwest Airlines?” Then you only need to follow the easy steps above, and your query will be resolved in a short period.