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How can I Upgrade my Seats on Frontier?

Once you have made the booking, then, later on, you can make the seat upgrade. You only need to select the option “Manage Booking.” Through this option, you’ll be able to choose the seat of your choice. However, if you follow the seat upgrade policy, you’ll be able to make the seat upgrade free of cost.

Process to Upgrade your Seats. 

To upgrade your seat, you must ensure that you have chosen the guide provided below. So, if you are wondering, “Can I upgrade my seats on Frontier?” The information below is all you need. 

  • Get on the official Frontier Airlines website. 
  • Now make the selection of the “Manage Booking” button. 
  • Once you have chosen the option above, then on the next page, enter the code of Frontier’s flight and the name given on the ticket.
  • Open the ticket and then choose the button for the upgraded seat. 
  • You’ll come across the list of seats. 
  • Now you can select the seat which you think is suitable for you. 
  • Once you have made the selection, then you need to save the changes. 
  • You’ll get an email regarding the changes you have made to the booking.

That is it. You have successfully upgraded your seat. However, you must ensure that you have also read the policy regarding the upgrade. That will ensure that you’re not going to be charged the fee for the promotion. 

Seat Upgrade Policy of the Frontier:

  • It would help if you made it confident that you have upgraded your seat within twenty-four hours of the booking. That will ensure that you’re not charged the seat upgrade fee. 
  • You can make the upgrade by yourself if you have made the booking on the official website of Frontier. 
  • If a travel agency made your booking, you need to connect with them to upgrade the seat. 

Connect with the Customer Service Team 

You need to ensure that you have walked through the information ahead. Then you can connect with customer service for Frontier airlines seat upgrade. It is going to help you in connecting with customer service without any delay. 

Via call 

  • You need to phone up on the Frontier Airlines number. That is 1-800-921-8101
  • Click the options from the IVR menu that are relevant. 
  • Your call will be passed to a human.
  • You only need to share the booking code and the name given on the ticket.
  • The executive will take down those details, and then he’ll quickly make the upgrade for you. 

Via live chat

  • Get on the website of Frontier Airlines. 
  • Click the “Contact us” button. 
  • A chatbox is going to open up. 
  • In the box, you need to choose the appropriate options.
  • Your chat is going to be moved to the person who is trained to handle your issue. 
  • The representative is going to ask for your details.
  • Mention your name and the code of booking given on the ticket. 
  • The executive will pull out your information and complete the seat upgrade for you. 


You can choose the option of Frontier Airlines. Hopefully, your issue regarding the Frontier contact number  is cleared. Now you’re ready to fly to your destination. If you still you are looking for any solution you can call directly to the customer service representative at 1-800-921-8101. I believe this blog will give you the perfect solution.

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