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How do I Upgrade My Seat on Icelandair?

Icelandair Airlines provides excellent service to its passengers to make their traveling experience hustle accessible. For the convenience of its passengers, Icelandair allows you to select seats in advance. There are multiple ways you can do Icelandair seat upgrades described below.

Numerous ways to upgrade the seat at Icelandair Airlines:

Use the online process to upgrade your seat:

One of the easiest ways to upgrade seats is through the online process. You need to visit the official website of Icelandair Airlines and then follow the instructions as per described below:

  • Go to the Icelandair Airlines website.
  • Drop down the page, and you will find the option of Manage Booking. 
  • It will take you to the next page. Fill out the last name and flight booking reference number in the boxes.
  • On your screen, you will see the details of the flights. Select the flight for which you want to upgrade the seats. 
  • Make the payment as per the requirement and submit the request.
  • You will receive a confirmation message regarding the seat upgrade on your registered email or mobile phone.

How do I Upgrade My Seat on Icelandair? 

If you are still searching for another method through which you can upgrade your seat at Icelandair Airlines. You can utilize the calling process as a mode to contact. You can call Icelandair's phone number, 1-800-223-5500, and the call will be forwarded to the IVR to assist with the options. It would help if you chose from the options per your requirement, and then the call will be directed to the customer service representative. To connect with Icelandair, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Press 1 to select the language.
  • Press 2 for the reservation.
  • Press 3 to upgrade the seat.
  • Press 4 to check pet policies.
  • Press 5 for baggage claim.
  • Press 6 for miles-related queries.
  • Press 7 to cancel the flight.
  • Press 8 to get the meals.
  • Press 9 for accessibility assistance.
  • Press 10 to speak to the customer service representative.

What are the policies for seat upgrades at Icelandair Airlines?

There are the policies set by Icelandair Airlines to upgrade seats are mentioned below:

  • The passenger can upgrade the seat during check-in or booking the online ticket, depending on the seat availability.
  • You can upgrade the seat from economy class to business class.
  • When the passenger upgrades the seat from business to premium or economy to trade, you must pay the charges as per the requirement.
  • You can upgrade your seat without paying any fees if you have mileage points.
  • The passengers who are premium members of Icelandair Airlines did not need to pay any charges for seat upgradation.


As mentioned earlier, those are how you can upgrade your seat at Icelandair Airlines. You can also go to the airport for the seat upgrade, and the representative will assist you regarding your concern. For further assistance, you can also go to the official website of Icelandair Airlines.

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