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How do I Upgrade my Seat on Iberia?

The best passenger-oriented services, cheap flight tickets, affordable upgrade options, etc., are provided by Iberia. Suppose you booked a flight, but now you want to expand your flight experience from a normal seat to an advanced seat with extra legroom, food, drinks, royal journey experience, etc., by upgrading your seat. But you have a question, “How do I upgrade my seat on Iberia?” to get the answer to this, you are advised to go through the discussion to know about the same: 

Terms and Conditions to Upgrade Seats

There are certain conditions that a passenger always needs to keep in mind. And for that, you are advised to go through the points:

  • Suppose a new ticket or upgrade you take is comparatively higher than the old ticket; passengers will incur the difference in fare. 
  • Changes are allowed only in case of the availability of seats in another class. 
  • If you have Infant discounted tickets, you can not upgrade your seats on the airline. 
  • The airline does not provide a refund, change, or transferable facilities on upgrades. 
  • Flights that Iberia operates can be upgraded, not any other flight. 
  • You can get the upgrade option till 1 hour before your departure. 
  • The upgrade seat option is valid for all the tickets. 

Learn the different ways to upgrade your seat:

Upgrade through the official website. 

There is an Iberia seat upgrade option available on the official website of the airline, and the further steps are written:

  • Once you are on the official website, tap on Manage Booking. 
  • Choose your preferred seat, and there you can submit a bid to upgrade your seat. 
  • There you have to choose the value to place a bid. 
  • Then submit the form, and you will get the confirmation within 72 hours. 

Upgrade during check-in

The airline also provides you the opportunity to upgrade your seat to business or first class during check-in, but this depends on the availability of seats. But there are certain terms and conditions that one has to fulfill to be eligible. Look at them:

Steps to Upgrade:

  • Visit the official website of the airline. 
  • Go to the check in option and enter all your details. (you must check in at least 48 hours before your flight). 
  • You will find the option “Upgrade Seats.” 
  • Choose your preferred seat, make the payment, and you will be done with the process. 

What are the advantages of upgrading seats on the airline?

There are several advantages a passenger can withdraw by using the upgrade option with the airline, and some of them are written below; please have a look:

  • Extra-legroom– Once you upgrade your seat, you will get extra legroom, making your seat more comfortable, and you can have a good time. 
  • Additional food and drinks– You will be served food and drinks on your table, enhancing the beauty of your journey.  
  • Onboard Entertainment– You will be given entertainment sources on a flight, for example, a monitor, games, etc. 
  • Priority check-in– You will also be given priority check-in with the airline, saving a lot of your time. 

You can go through the discussion to get aware of the ways and advantages of upgrading to Iberia. In case of doubts, you must get in touch with the airline. 

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