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How Do I Upgrade My Seat on EasyJet?

Passengers can upgrade their seats on the existing Easyjet airline reservation with a few easy steps. Getting more comfort while traveling is the shallow sole purpose for some people, so the Easyjet seat upgrade feature allows passengers to upgrade their seats in the same booking. If you wish to change the Easyjet flight, refer to the information discussed below regarding the seat change policy and procedure of EasyJet Airlines. 

Easyjet Seat Upgrade Policy

Before you learn about the process to change the seat on your easy jet, let's have a look at some rules and conditions under which you can upgrade the Easyjet flight seat:

  • If you wish to get away with the seat change fee charged by Easyjet airline, then make sure to upgrade the seat within 24 hours of booking and seven days before departure. As EasyJet airline's 24-hour risk-free seat change policy, passengers can make changes in their existing itinerary at no extra cost. 
  • The Easyjet airline applies a seat change fee on the bookings that are changed after the 24-hour risk-free period. 
  • All the seats on your Easyjet flight can be upgraded from lower cabin to upper and cannot be degraded from upper to lower class. For example, you can change your seat from economy class to business or first class with EasyJet airline. 
  • Passengers can make seat changes in their Easyjet itinerary up to 2 hours before the check-in time. 
  • All the seat changes are subject to availability with the EasyJet airline. 
  • You can upgrade your Easyjet flight seat through the official website or the call center executives of EasyJet Airlines. 
  • The passenger has to pay the remaining value in your fare difference. 

Seat Upgrade Procedure of Easyjet Airline

EasyJet Airlines has different techniques to get through the seat upgrade. However, the most convenient and seamless method is the online method and the process for the same as instructed down below, so make sure to follow it correctly:

  1. With the help of your relevant web engine, open the official Easyjet website using a desktop. 
  2. Click on the 'manage booking' tab, enter your Easyjet ticket reference number and passenger's last anime, and search your flight. 
  3. Once you get through your flight information page, locate the change/ modify options and click on them. 
  4. Now select the option to change a seat, choose your seat, and upgrade with the new cabin.
  5. Follow the prompted on-screen process to lock the changes that you made in your existing Easyjet itinerary. 
  6. Get through the payment page and make the required payment for the remaining value to get the upgraded ticket on your registered mailing address. 

Besides this, passengers can make changes in their itinerary of Easyjet through the Easyjet mobile application in a more effective way. However, if you are still not clear about how to upgrade my seat on Easyjet, then get in touch with the customer service representative of EasyJet Airlines. The Easyjet agents are available on phone calls, email, live chat, and social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. 

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