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How Do I Upgrade My Seat on Spirit Airlines ?

Though Spirit Airlines is famous as a low-cost carrier Airline, whose general economy flight fares are as low as half of the economy fares of other Airlines, Spirit flights still have different types of seats to be booked, which can be more spacious comfortable than the general seats.

Many Spirit flyers often ask, “How do I upgrade my seat on Spirit Airlines?” The paragraphs below discuss the relevant pointers one can use to solve this query.

What Flight Classes Does Spirit Airlines Have?

Spirit Airlines doesn’t have the usually differentiated cabins, termed separate flight classes like the economy, business, and first-class. Instead, Spirit provides different seats at the beginning and the end of the flight cabin, among which one can take the front seats as the first-class equivalent of a Spirit reservation. These front seats are aptly named “Big Front Seats” because of the much larger space and accommodation they have, making one’s long-haul flights much more comfortable. Such upgrade has to be bought using money or travel credit, and the Spirit Miles cannot be used to pay for the upgrade.

How to Upgrade a Spirit Airline Reservation?

Since the usual business class or the first class reservation doesn’t exist on a Spirit Flight, upgrading one’s seat will not have the general purport of it. Rather, a Spirit Upgrade would be to switch your seat from the basic economy seat to the comfortable Big Front seats on a Spirit flight, which can be done in the following manner:

  • Get your preferred web browser up and running and head to the official homepage of Spirit Airline’s website.
  • Once the Spirit homepage is up, click on the “My Trips” tab visible almost on the middle-right of the page and enter the flight reservation details as associated with the flight ticket.
  • Next, click on “Continue,” and the webpage will fetch the flight itinerary of the mentioned reservation.
  • You can choose to upgrade here and change the flight seat from the current one to the Big front seats at the front. A Big front seat should be vacant for you to upgrade.
  • If you can get the front seat selected, confirm the changes and complete the payments as prompted by the browser.
  • A confirmation email will reach you affirming that the seat has been upgraded.

However, one can use the Spirit website to upgrade if the flight ticket was bought directly from Spirit. If one got the flight booking from a third party or some other vendor, they would have to contact the same vendor to get their Spirit reservation upgraded.

How to contact Spirit Airline Customer Service to Get Help on a Seat Upgrade?

One can contact Spirit Airline’s customer service if the website is inaccessible for some reason or if one cannot upgrade using the website. The contact details of Spirit Customer service can be found on the website in the following manner:

  • Get to the Spirit homepage again and scroll to the page’s end.
  • Look for the “Contact Us” option under the “Talk to us” menu here at the bottom, and a new webpage will open on your browser.

The Spirit customer service details are mentioned here. To know more about the Spirit Airlines seat upgrade, one can use the chat, WhatsApp, or the voice support method to connect to one of the Spirit Agents.

Spirit Airline customer service can also answer one’s queries regarding the Spirit Upgrade process and efficiently assist with any other concern.

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