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How Do I Upgrade My Seat on Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic is a British Airlines providing its customer with the best services on domestic and international flights. The airlines focus on providing its customer with the best help and assistance even when it comes to helping their customer with seat upgradation. There is a policy for Virgin Atlantic seat upgrades through which you can also make the change in your seat for free if you come under the criteria mentioned in the seat upgrade policy. Sometimes, you have to attend an important event or a business meeting just after deboarding the flight.

Virgin Atlantic Seat Change Policy

  • If you make the changes or upgrade in your seat within 4 hours of the flight booking, you are allied to complete the upgrade in your seat for free.
  • After 24 hours of the flight booking, the upgrade of the seat you make will be chargeable by the airlines.
  • The seat upgradation strictly depends upon the availability of the seat of the flight in which you want to make the upgrade. There may be no flight ticket availability due to higher demands on specific popular dates.
  • The seat upgradation facility is permitted for one-way flights only. The flight has sectors on the airlines other than the Virgin airlines. In that case, the upgrade is not allowed.
  • Passengers cannot transfer the upgrade to the other passenger, and there is no cash and credit facility allowed on the upgrade. There will be no refund for the passengers on the cancellation of the seat upgrade.

Upgrade My Seat on Virgin Atlantic

There are many defined ways to upgrade your Virgin Atlantic by just getting onto the airline's official website. The process of making the up gradation in your seats with Virgin Atlantic is as follows:
Pay for an Upgrade

  • Get onto the official website of Virgin airlines and scroll down to get onto the 'Flying with Us' option. After getting login to your account.
  • After getting onto the section of 'Flying With Us, find the option for upgrading your flight booking.
  • After getting on the page, you'll see an option 'Pay for an Upgrade' section where you have to click on 'Treat Yourself.' 
  • You'll get the option of Pay for the upgrade, where you have to click on that and follow the on-screen procedures to complete the process of upgrading by paying the additional fee.

Upgrade with Points

  • If you are the elite/ premium member of the airline, then in every booking, you receive some points, which you are allowed to use for the process of the upgrade as well.
  • You have to follow the above-given process until you get redirected to the 'Flying with us' page. After that, you have to look for the option of 'Upgrade with miles.'
  • Click on the option to get inside, fill out the details, and choose the class where you have to make the upgrade and other required details like selecting the preferred seat.
  • Follow the on-screen process to complete the upgrade process by using the points.

Bid for the Upgrade

  • You have to follow the simple process of retrieving your flight ticket and bidding for the upgrade.
  • You can make the bid for the upgrade up to two days before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • The airlines will inform you via email if your bid gets accepted by the airlines before the scheduled departure of your flight.

Get in touch with the customer service agent in case of any doubt and query related to seat upgradation and read out the above-given article to know about a seat upgrade.

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